Super-Uber Gadgets to Jazz up your Festivities

Festivities are around the corner and the major task of refurbishing our homes has started to loom over us with the ticks of the clock and fewer ideas. But, giving your living space, a distinctively beautiful look should not be something so frantic but rather, seamlessly methodical and yet, elegant. The festive season marks the beginning of new chapters of life and these changes majorly include reinventing the look of your home. This Diwali, do not limit yourself to changing the appearance of your home. Rather, let intelligence make its way into the interiors, which would not only make things expedient, but would also add to the grandeur and beauty you live in. Gadgets comprising of the latest technologies occupy a salient place in our lives, but it’s time to step up the game by taking a leap in the ocean of technology. There is no lie in saying that these advanced gadgets have eradicated the mundane out of household chores, because the control is now at our fingertips. In keeping with the season of indulgence, we’ve come up with some must-have gadgets to make your home a treat for the eyes, with a bonus of flamboyant technologies.

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Samsung Family Hub 2.0

Gone are the days, when refrigerators were dedicated to keeping food fresh.  The staggering addition of Samsung Family Hub 2.0 to the world of technology has enabled its users to manage food and grocery like never before. You do not need to rush to a store every time you run out of some grocery content because the internal view inside camera of this smart refrigerator takes a picture of the food items and adds it to the shopping list feature and orders them from the Mastercard app. In further addition to its splendid services, its Recipe App features the Recipe Readout and Enlarged Text for you to multi task and take on and master the cooking talent single handedly. Moreover, the modernized 21.5-inch LED bulletin board would let the family members create their own Avatars to share photos and post memos from wherever they may be.

So, pep your kitchen up with Samsung Family Hub 2.0


Solid Drive Sound Transducers

Music is a godsend therapy which can cheer and motivate us with its rhythm.  And, the ever-emerging technology makes us feel every note dancing in our bodies, with the advanced speakers and amplifiers. However, one cannot carry speakers everywhere and make gatherings gloriously momentous. Solid Drive Transducers promises to make your life a sanguine rhythm, since it can be mounted on any hard surface, be it a wall, ceiling, or a window pane, to reproduce ear shattering sound. They utilize high-powered neodymium and dual symmetrically opposed motors to convert audio signals into powerful vibrations that are transferred into solid surfaces by direct contact. The entire surface then radiates high quality, full-range sound. So, hum to the beats of your exquisite ghazal treasure, or tap your feet to frisky Bollywood music, without the need of installing a set of speakers.

Choose to get home Solid Drive Sound Transducers


Busch Comfort Touch

Busch Comfort Touch is the most promising device which blends together the control mechanism with an information, entertainment and security center to result in remarkable richness, which lets you regulate the devices in your living space with swiping motion of your fingers. You can switch or dim the lights, slide curtains to witness the beauty of the moon or regulate the temperature, without having to move from your place. In further addition to it, Busch Comfort Touch provides top-notch security systems since it embodies Presence Simulation and Alarm Information.  Other lavish features like accessing emails, leaving voice and graphic messages, tracking stock market updates, setting up alarms, getting traffic and weather reports makes life easier and our living place the perfect example of sheer brilliance.


Vanity Mirror TV

There are times when your clock does not allow you to take a relaxed bath. However, you are worthy of a long hour in the bathroom, without having to worry about misspending your time. Vanity Mirror TV is just the gadget for you. An ultra-thin LED, inventively crafted into your mirror, lets you control it with a water proof remote that is easy to plug and play and allows you to operate it from your tub or jacuzzi. You can catch up with news, or watch your favorite movie and forget about rushing through your morning chores, since it gives you a sense of contentment, and your abode, splendor individuality. And what better way to turn your bathroom into one of the most productive places in your home!



We pull our woolies out and brace ourselves to welcome the riveting winter season. But, it can be as daunting as it can be splendid, because lying down on a cold bed sends shivers through the body. A Bediator on the other hand helps you get all geared up and lets you enjoy this season with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand while you sit on your bed watching your favorite TV show and go to sleep without multiple layers of woolies, since it radiates heat and can replace floor coverings like rugs and can also act as beds. Moreover, it has a LED display of time, temperature and other factors. So, find refuge in your warm and cozy bed and go to an imagination vacation every time you need.


Technology has surely become a staunch companion and has added a star to the resplendent beauty of our homes. So, steer through the unrivalled advancements and experience an exalted lifestyle like never before.



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