Venkateshwara Realty was born out of a mission to deliver the promise of ‘Evolved Living’ to its esteemed clientele. We started off as a fledgling real estate company back in the early 90s, and over the years have transformed into a business group that prides itself for maintaining an impeccable reputation for trust and quality.

Our path to success has not been without its fair share of challenges. But, we were determined each time to leave an indelible mark on Pune’s skyline! We have built not just with great integrity, but also with a keen eye for detail and customer empathy. With every project we embark upon, we are committed to raising the bar each time by employing cutting edge technology, superior construction practices and erudite design.

Today, as we stand at the threshold of successfully completing over 35 projects - from apartment complexes to bungalow projects and gated plots, commercial spaces and leasing, the credit for our success goes to the steadfast support we have received from our clients and partners alike.

We think different! We believe that good service is good business; we foster a personal relationship with our clients. This is the Venkateshwara advantage!

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Venkateshwara Realty


With a portfolio spanning multi-asset classes such as boutique and luxury residential developments to redevelopment projects, group housing and hospitality, Venkateshwara Realty has successfully delivered over 400,000 sq. ft. of quality real estate across Pune in just a little over two decades.

Each project developed by Venkateshwara enjoys the luxury of intricate detailing, right from planning to execution, up to the delivery stage. The intelligent sourcing of the finest of material, deftly complemented with an inspired approach to planning, lends these projects a definite upper edge.

At Venkateshwara, we believe it is all about creating a better, safer and a more comfortable home; a home that is governed by the key principles of fine design, value appreciation and a sense of identity. Our constructions therefore incorporate ‘future-ready’ building solutions that ensure that a home designed and built by Venkateshwara will be a home for now, and forever!

At the root of all this lies the extensive man-hours invested in research and development and the fostering of an environment that encourages innovating and ideation. In a quest to achieve this, Venkateshwara Realty has over the years collaborated with international consultants and architects, to usher in global standards in construction.

Company Vision

To emerge as a key player amongst Pune’s lifestyle developers across multi-asset classes and be recognised for offering innovative end-to-end solutions to our clients

To transform Venkateshwara Realty into a one-stop solution for luxury lifestyles across diverse portfolios such as boutique housing, redevelopment projects, resorts and hospitality 
Top builders in Pune-Venkateshwara Realty
Top builders in Pune-Venkateshwara Realty

Company Mission

To deliver on the promise of ‘evolved living’ by providing style with substance, ably backed by superior quality and industry experience

To foster a relationship with our clients that extends beyond the normal process of sale, and maintain an impeccable reputation for trust and quality
Top builders in Pune-Venkateshwara Realty
Corporate Social Responsibility
At Venkateshwara Realty, we believe that acting responsibly towards the environment and the local communities around us, forms an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. We are committed to helping communities by fostering an environment that empowers others to live better lives. And, we believe that better lives are built when communities are empowered in the areas of education, sports, healthcare, arts and culture.

Through the Venkateshwara Prayas Foundation, we strive to meet our responsibility towards social and environmental issues around us. We have therefore invested our expertise towards supporting various social endeavors in the areas of education, water conservation, sustainability and sports. We aspire to continue our work in these dimensions and beyond.

Right to Education

We believe that all children have an equal right to live a life of quality, especially in the areas of education, healthcare and overall social development. The Venkateshwara Prayas Foundation works closely with under-privileged children and their families, to provide them not just with access to education, but also with the pre-requisite social and civic infrastructure required for a sound development. By doing so, we endeavour to provide hope and happiness to those children and families who need it the most.

Water Conservation

With potable water becoming increasingly scarce and a much under-prioritised topic of discussion, the need of the hour in our cities and villages is to conserve water responsibly. It is expected that in India the water crisis will worsen by the year 2050, as the population of the country is set to increase to almost 1.6 billion. Scarcity of water is a real impending threat! While governments take the necessary steps to prevent a worsening of crisis, we at the Venkateshwara Prayas Foundation have made ‘water conservation’ not just a process, but a way of life! And this has been ably demonstrated through our efforts to increase the water level at Bhugaon. The Venkateshwara Prayas Foundation has created a natural catchment area by cleaning the surrounding Bhugaon Lake and using the soil to construct a bund that stores rain water and increases the level of ground water. This in turn has ensured not just round-the-year water supply for the local community, especially during the summer months when temperatures soar and water bodies run dry, but has also aided in conserving the surrounding fertile soil to enable farming activities.
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Responsible Luxury

Our business policies reflect our commitment towards making the environment around us greener and self-sustaining. What we take from nature, we dutifully give back to it too. We call this Responsible luxury! Ridges, our Lakefront ultra-luxury villas project at Bhugaon has been constructed in a manner where energy is conserved and optimally utilised, with no harm caused to the endemic natural flora and fauna.  

Encouraging Local Sports Talent

At the Venkateshwara Prayas Foundation, we strive to help communities achieve a sense of balance in their everyday lives. We believe that playing a sport provides many personal, social and health related advantages. We are also conscious of the fact that it is important to provide small town sporting talent with a suitable platform to demonstrate their prowess and excel on the world stage. With this in mind, we harness budding sporting talent and provide the right kind of exposure that enables the young generation of sports players to be inspired and excel in every aspect of their lives. In order to achieve this, the Venkateshwara Prayas Foundation is a sponsor for the Pune Open Championship. Our goal is to provide a sound launch pad to up-coming sporting talent from India’s hinterlands and small towns, for whom resources and the opportunities to succeed are relatively fewer.

Through our endeavours, we work towards creating a better world, a better tomorrow!

Our Endeavours

Association with the Pune Open Championship, Pune’s annual tennis tournament for players from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds and Tier II and Tier III cities.
Conservation of the lake and water at Bhugaon, which was in turn was applauded with a letter of appreciation by the local governing authorities.
Co-sponsored the critically acclaimed Marathi play Katyar ‘Kaljat Ghusli’ that was showcased across the UK by Maharashtra Mandal London (MML), with a goal to promote Indian art and culture and encourage a global cultural exchange.
Sponsored the Maritime Summit 2014 at the Oxford Golf & Country Club, towards the need for research and innovation and building awareness about the maritime industry in India.
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