Hillview Residences – Bhoomi Pujan

Venkateshwara Realty recently unveiled its newest residential redevelopment project, the outstanding Hillview Residences, on April 19, 2017.

Redevelopment projects by Venkateshwara Realty clearly enjoy an upper edge and are defined by the concept of intricate detailing and the use of the finest of materials. Over the last two decades, Venkateshwara Realty has successfully delivered a portfolio spanning multi-asset classes such as boutique and luxury residential developments, redevelopment projects, group housing and hospitality, across 400,000 sq. ft. of quality real estate in Pune.


Over the years, Venkateshwara Realty has been actively involved in bringing about a change in the city’s architectural landscape, with its redevelopment projects. Today, an increasing number of home buyers as well as original residents (of buildings that undergo redevelopment) seek to enhance their living environments to suit their growing and changing infrastructural requirements. In its quest to deliver style backed with substance, and yet retain the original charm of a location, Venkateshwara Realty has acquired mastery over the domain of redeveloping prime real estate in Pune. Prabhat Road is one such location in the city that is gradually but surely beginning to display a trademark style of Venkateshwara Realty amidst its quaint tree-lined lanes.

One of Pune’s most cherished residential neighbourhoods, Prabhat Road is renowned for its gentility and its surroundings that are also home to some of India’s and the world’s eminent educational institutions. Marked with quaint and intersecting by-lanes that are numbered 1 to 15, the tree-lined Prabhat Road and its offshoots is where old-world charm pleasingly cohabits with new-age architecture! In changing with times, today much of the locale’s prime real estate is being redeveloped to provide for better infrastructure and cater to growing requirements for up-market housing. This is being done while retaining and without compromising on the existing old-world charm of verdant Prabhat Road.

With the construction of Aerie and Aadi Residences within the luxuriant precincts of Prabhat Road, Venkateshwara Realty has set a precedent for (re)developing contemporary residences that offer chic lifestyles and yet retain the simplicity and charm the locale is renowned for. With a clear intent of expanding within this segment and creating landmarks, Venkateshwara Realty has added yet another feather in its cap with the launch of Hillview Residences.

Conceptulised to be 10 levels tall, Hillview Residences will comprise of 20 limited-edition 3-bedroom apartments that have been thoughtfully planned to offer its residents the finest of amenities and features with a privileged sense of exclusivity.

For a re-development project that has been conceptulised on a design foundation unseen before in the vicinity, the bhoomi pujan was aptly carried out by the original stake holders of Hillview – its residents in the presence of Mr. Abhijeet Jadhav, Chairman of Venkateshwara Realty, senior management and staff and many well-known names from the real estate community, from across the city.

With this bhoomi pujan, Venkateshwara Realty demonstrated its commitment towards its customers, by going beyond the mere transaction of buying and selling property. The ceremony was a seal that marked an auspicious beginning to a bond of a lifetime that is built on trust and mutual respect with the families, who in a span of two years will look forward to making Hillview Residences their cherished home.


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