What adds to your Luxurious Home

Luxury features should be incorporated in a home in a way that it feels organic, promote a sense of place and make it contemporary. How you decide to treat your home will determine how your sense of luxury transcends time and trends, bringing the elegant designer lifestyle into the everyday life of the residence. To raise the exclusivity quotient of your luxury villa, you have to break new grounds in design, style, and architecture. Wondering to transform your residence to a homely haute? Here are the must haves to bring elegant luxury to your home:

High end kitchens:

Kitchens are the hearts of homes. And today’s modern kitchens seamlessly integrate style, luxury, and functions. It’s time to move on from basic granite to the most glamorous gourmet kitchens. Exotic materials, rich hues and bold textures-that is what makes kitchen one of the most luxurious and important corner of your home. And, of course the spacious kitchens never run out of style.

It totally depends on you how you pursue and fit luxury in your dining area. In the shiny blue and white kitchen, you can savour your culinary cravings with a Mediterranean feel or you can decide to take it to the idea of bar at the end with flat cabinets.

Fully integrated refrigerators and dishwashers are all part of the new integrated luxury in the kitchens. Under the counter refrigerators and cabinets add space to the kitchen and can be blended easily with the wine bars and other storages to fit among kitchen pantry. From modular pull out and stainless steel shelving to openings perfectly placed, everything can fit luxury in any possible way you think of.

Taking it outside:

With changing definition of luxury homes, bringing the inside out has emerged as a luxury trend. Impersonating the look of the indoors outside – i.e., blending the indoor and outdoor living – presents an exciting opportunity to create luxurious exterior spaces without limits.

And it comes with immense options as well. There has been a rising demand in luxury homes to make ordinary backyards extraordinary and luxurious, with homeowners typically favouring a luxurious approach along with some natural dressing on the exteriors. Sophisticated but simplistic water features like infinity pools and crisp monochromatic tones make the outdoors appear haute with proper architectural settings. Modern upscale homes also include complete outdoor kitchens, built-in barbecues, fridges, and stainless steel work spaces, always ready to host the luxurious club life.

Luxurious bathrooms:

A luxury bathroom is always an antidote to the bustling modern life. For the bathroom, luxury means spa-worthy products including features that add comfort, beauty and cutting-edge functionality. Fully immerse yourself in gently massaging bubbles in a spa style bathroom with a luxurious long tub, alcove walls, bevelled mirrors and a soothing light coloured countertop, and drift away in a luxurious experience. Draw inspiration from the colour of marble veins, a blue-grey or add a tropical twist with a classic white period bathroom with high walls, then play with layering textures via statement tiling and painted panels to make a strong statement. With colours and walls creating a calming setting, the chrome taps and bath spouts do all the talks of a luxurious bathroom.

Automated smart technology:

The next generation luxury is not just about luxurious homes. It has moved on to smart homes which unlock a world of potential and possibilities for their owners through their technological intelligence. A smart home has intelligence built into it, which feeds your preferences and adjusts conditions accordingly. To put in laymen’s term, your home becomes your assistant. The concept of automated homes has slowly evolved from pressing buttons to opening a door and being able to remotely observe and control the space.

The features in your smart home automatically adjust the amount of light entering inside, sets on air conditioning before you step inside your home, or let you know if there is a window open or the home is not properly locked. The mood can be set using lighting, music, video, fragrance and temperature.

The first thought on any home buyer’s mind is its security. Whether it is installation of high end security alarms, fire alarms, smoke sensors, threat detectors, automatic lock, IVR lock systems at main gates, CCTV cameras or other surveillance devices, smart technology enables complete security.
In nutshell, luxury is designing and implementing home conditions that you want. A smart home never disappoints you.


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